Bullion Bars

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How to play Bullion Bars

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Game Description:

Quasar Gaming is well known for creating and releasing all kinds of various advanced slot games, but they’ve never had a problem with cranking out some titles that are noticeably simpler. After all, these games can be just as exciting as the latest video slots and Bullion Bars is the perfect example with a RTP of 94%. It won’t win any awards in the graphics category by any means, but what it will do is keep players entertained for hours on end. It also helps that the game is suitable for a quick gaming session too, so if that sounds like your idea of a good time, read on for everything you need to know about getting up and running.

Game Start:

The game is one of the most simple to play out there, although that certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll want to dive straight into the action without knowing exactly what lies in store. Fortunately, we can keep the guide to Bullion Bars short and sweet as you’ll kick off by simply selecting your stake. This is a typical one armed bandit style of game, so there are no worries over multiple win lines and accidentally bumping your stake up a little too far. Instead, players simply adjust the number displayed as the bet using the plus and minus buttons and what you see is what you get, with that being the precise amount that is in play on each spin.

Bullion Bars Feature:

While there is no specific bonus round such as free spins on Bullion Bars, there is much more to this game than simply repetitively spinning the reels and the main streak feature is by far the most interesting of all. If you manage to line up bar, bar streak and another bar in that order on the win line, then the streak comes into play and your chances of winning just shot up. As with any streak, the reels will keep on spinning and you don’t need to keep an eye on your bankroll here as they don’t cost anything at all. You can win massive prizes on this feature, with five hundred times your bet or even more on offer and the reels will keep on spinning until such a time that a spin doesn’t win.


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