Big Catch

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How to play Big Catch

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Game Description:

The catch of the day is the highlight for any fisherman and the same can apply to you on Quasar Gaming’s Big Catch, which for many players is the definitive fishing themed slot and has plenty of reasons to justify that position. For starters, it looks absolutely stunning. Quasar Gaming rarely disappoints when it comes to graphics and there have been noticeable improvements in quality over the years and it could be said that this particular game marked something of a turning point. The evidence is clear to see but we have to give special mention to the traditional playing card icons which get in on the action by looking like sponges. The sounds are also spot on and serve to set the scene perfectly and it all combines to make for one of the best slot games currently available online. Fortunately, the gameplay is also truly on point and you won’t be disappointed with any aspect of the action, something that you can find out all about below.

Return to player: 94%.

Game Start:

We’d advise players to take a few moments to just take in the game itself when it first loads ‘ the atmosphere really is that good and you’ll feel like you’re on a true underwater adventure. When that is done, or if you’d rather dive straight into the action, then you will need to take a look at the betting options, kicking off with the win lines. The maximum number on this game is twenty and it can be knocked down to ten using the buttons either side of the number on the display. This total works with your line bet, which is also fully adjustable as always, to make for your total spin bet. In an unusual twist, the playing card icons finally get their time to shine after so long as the symbols that no player really want to see all that often, as they make up the bulk of the prize winners on this game. That not only explains the level of detail applied, but also ensures that the wins come thick and fast. Players will also benefit from the starfish who doesn’t appear all that often but is just as flexible as the coin bets when he does as he can fill in for any other symbol on the game.


The innovations on Big Catch continue to the bonus round, as you can never be totally sure of when it is going to hit. Rather than relying on a certain combination of scatter symbols, players will instead be taken by surprise when it triggers at random. When that happens, the screen fills up with water and the player is armed with five fishing rods to cast into the depths in the hope of catching a prize. In the perfect scenario, you can cast all five and scoop the prizes that come from doing so, but you might have to stop fishing early if you’re unlucky enough to reel in the old boot before your casts are complete.

Big Catch Feature:

The feature round may be something of a surprise, but it is not the only one on this game as even the gamble feature is somewhat unusual. The round itself is totally unique to Big Catch, although it comes into play in the same way, with the button lighting up whenever a win lands on the reels. If you choose to gamble then you have a fifty-fifty chance of doubling your prize as always, but the twist is that even if you lose the gamble, you still have a chance at getting your original stake back! It certainly adds a new dimension to proceedings and can drive players to sample the feature more often than they may usually consider!


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