Armadillo Artie

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How to play Armadillo Artie

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Game Description:

Get lost in the animal kingdom as you dash for cash to win against Armadillo Artie. This video slots game features more than 20 win lines, several bonus games and a variety of amazingly drawn symbols with a RTP of 95%. There’s so much to do when you spin to win that you won’t want to quit!

Game Start:

Start playing Armadillo Artie by deciding whether you’re playing for real winnings or for fun. If you play for fun, you can begin the game with up to 500 credits. Choose your bet — you can bet a minimum of one-half a credit or as much as 100 credits per spin — and start spinning.


You’ve got to spin to win! The more you bet per spin, the more winnings you’ll rake in. Q and J are the most common symbols, paying between .20 and 300 credits per winning spin, followed closely by the A and K symbols, which are worth between .20 and 400 credits. The skull symbol pays out between .40 and 800 credits while the bird and the man pay between .50 and 1,000 credits each. For the biggest winnings, spin one of the three rarest symbols. The snake is worth up to 1,200 credits, the gopher up to 1,600 and the dash for cash symbol can earn you as much as 2,000 credits. Two wild symbols and a bonus symbol can also help you win prizes in Armadillo Artie. All lines pay left to right. Winnings on multiple lines will be added up. Winning on the same line more than one pays out the highest amount.

Armadillo Artie Feature:

Armadillo Artie provides several special features for you to enjoy. When the armadillo wild symbol and the cactus wild symbol appear on the same row, the cactus expands outward. With the exception of the armadillo and the bonus symbol, it turns everything it touches into a wild. When you get three or more bonus symbols on reels two, three or four, you trigger the bonus rounds. Press Start to decide which bonus game you’ll play first. Once you play one, you go back to the main menu, choosing another game. As you play each game, it converts to a free spins logo. Bonus rounds end when you’ve landed the free spin bonus. Armadillo Artie features several games:

• Sling Shot: You’ll get to aim your sling shot three times in this feature game. Each time you aim and launch, you’ll earn up to 20 times the amount of your bet.
• Snake Shootout: In this game, you get to view 12 different badges and turn three over to total winnings. Each badge is worth a random amount up to 20 times the bet.
• Cosmic Bowling: Choose left, right or down the center to start this game. Depending on where you bowl, you could earn up to 10 times your bet.
• Pinball: This classic game earns you credits at random as you play.

Finally, Armadillo Artie allows you to win free spins. When you land on this combination, you earn 10 free spins. Use them to earn wilds or additional free spins throughout the game.


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