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How to play 13

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Game Description:

If you’re brave enough to play a game that’s boldly titled 13, you might just be brave enough to take home some of its winnings, too. Though its name indicates bad luck, this slot game is anything but unlucky. Its black cats, voodoo dolls and tarot cards give the impression that players ought to beware, but a few rounds will reveal that the scary façade is only part of some pretty amazing gameplay. 13 isn’t bad luck after all, and you may even find fortune in the game’s ten lines.

These symbols are only part of the experience, though. Players have the ability to wager on slots that display magical mirrors and ominous doors. Players have a wider range of potential wagers to place, too, than some other games. Leverage bets ranging from .01 to 5.00 to get the full 13 experience. You might be surprised by the results of such seemingly unlucky symbols.

Return to player: 95.31%.

Game Start:

The primary interface of 13 is dark and ominous, but this appearance shouldn’t dissuade players from giving it a try. In fact, it may be something of a misrepresentation, as a winning slot can reveal. Amidst the game’s grim appearance are many opportunities to win big. The aforementioned ten lines are contained in the five slots, and with even round, you can take advantage of luck and take home some of the treasure that might be hiding in the witch’s cauldron.

The game’s scatter card is a black cat, which, of course, offer players 13 free games if it is hit. The symbol depicting the witch and her cauldron serve as the game’s wild card, and can be substituted for other symbols in the slots. Find a winning combination among these to reverse your luck and claim the magic of these symbols.


There are many ways to strike a winning combination in the world of 13. When you do, you can expect some sweet rewards for your bravery in embarking on this dark journey. The most lucrative of all the symbols is the witch wild card, which offers winnings ranging between .10 and 100.00 for a minimum bet. The black cat scatter card is the second most valuable, with returns ranging from .20 to 50.00 on a bet of only .01 per line.

When you win a round, you can opt to wager your earnings again or collect them and move on. Players who choose the former and invited to a new gameplay screen in which you are prompted to choose between red or black cards. If you win the gamble round, you can multiply your winnings. Win or lose, you can return to the main game afterwards.

13 Feature:

There are no shortage of impressive features to enjoy when you play 13. In addition to incredible graphics and gameplay that can provide fun for hours, the sound effects and unique theme make it a must play. Don’t be scared away by an unlucky number when it could just be the luckiest number of all. You won’t find out unless you take a chance and enter the world of 13.


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