The higher ethical and professional standards we reach, the more pleasure and satisfaction we deliver to our customers, the quicker QUASAR develops. This is the core principle of our business, therefore our customers’ security holds the primary position on our “to do” list. Moreover, the Gaming Authority will not issue the Licence unless legal restrictions envisaged to safeguard the Account Holder are respected. Some of these requirements are:

  • The proper use of interactive games
  • Player protection
  • The prevention of money laundering
  • Public needs

Since not respecting any of the above-mentioned principles leads to a revoked Licence, it is mandatory for QUASAR to ensure compliance with procedures related to security and transparency within the gaming process. This is the guarantee that the Account Holder is being given.

Financial Security

While providing the Account Holder with various payment and transfer methods, QUASAR assists the gaming process with effective and up-to-date security procedures.

  • The data acquisition process and the transaction procedures happenthrough secure channels, which communicate directly with the payment gateway. No credit card details are stored by QUASAR. Payments are handled by using a credit number digest, which is set and stored by the gateway.
  • While in transit over the internet, personal details provided in the Registration Form will be protected by SSL encryption (HTTPS). Once authenticity checks are made, the account will be activated. Login details are sent as a confirmation email to the Account Holder, except for the password, which is never communicated via email.
  • QUASAR will request documents in order to verify identity/authorization to use a specific Credit Card by the Account Holder, before expediting any deposits/withdrawals.
  • QUASAR ensures that the Account Holder’s Credit Card number will never be communicated to a third party except for the banks enabling the transactions, which implies maximum privacy.

Gaming Security

For further details regarding the high level of security QUASAR provides you with, please check the “Security Rules” document at the bottom of our Home page. And please remember this: You’re secured, we’re secured! As simple as that.


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