Quasar Gaming has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in online gaming. We believe in offering a great casino experience in a safe and fun environment for all of our players.

We take our social responsibilities very seriously and therefore endeavour to keep all our players experience an enjoyable and safe one. We take every effort to ensure no underage players can open an account with us as well as offering professional help to the minority of players who may develop a dependency on casino games.

We want all our players to have a fun and pleasurable experience at Quasar Gaming every time!


Players under the age of 18 years old are prohibited from opening an account at QuasarGaming. In the case of any minor or third party person who in the name of a minor, attempts to open an account with us will be in breach of our Terms & Conditions.

To help keep minors protected from underage gambling, the following actions can be taken:

  • Keep all log-in details private – Do not share them with anyone.
  • Never enable the ‘save password’ function when logging in to an account.
  • Keep credit card and bank account details private and ensure no minors can get hold of the information
  • If there are minors (people under the age of 18 years old) living in the same residence, make sure to install an internet filter or parental control on all shared computers in the household. Go to or, to obtain the required software.


A number of activities can turn into addictions when done in excess and/or the wrong frame of mind such as excessive alcohol consumption. Gambling likewise can also become an addiction. There are signs to look out for if you feel you or someone close to you is showing signs of gambling addiction. Addiction to gambling is not always easy to notice and the symptoms are not always money related. Compulsive gambling can also be a sign of other problems in an individual’s life.

Some people who suffer from gambling addiction are using the games as a way to escape from reality or other issues they are going through in other parts of their life. It can occur that the individual does not know they have a problem as their actions are coming from their subconscious. Nor are they aware of the consequences that their actions may have on their life and the lives of those around them.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a gambling addiction there is professional help available. It is imperative that the problem is caught in the early stages before the individual has the chance to suffer the impact of the consequences that come with this addiction. Regretfully, gambling addiction has many symptoms that are not only physical but can also be financial and social.

Luckily, the majority of people can enjoy the fun of gambling without ever becoming addicted.


We have 8 rules to help play safely at Quasar Gaming:

  1. Only play the games at Quasar for recreational purposes NEVER as a career or way to generate a regular salary.
  2. When at a loss never try to double up or take unnecessary risks to chase a loss.
  3. Only play with money that can be lost comfortably. Daily, weekly or monthly limits are available.
  4. Never play at a casino when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or when feeling depressed or tired.
  5. Keep note of the amount of time spent online.
  6. Take regular breaks to stay fresh and alert.
  7. Before starting a casino session, have a loss limit in mind and make sure you adhere to it.
  8. Most importantly – Enjoy yourself, playing at your favourite casino should be fun not stressful.

If you feel that you are not able to enjoy the games pleasurably then you may be becoming dependent on gambling. If this is the case there are a number of specialist services and websites available to help with the problem. To take a self-assessment test go to a website like This can help to determine whether gambling is or may become a problem for you.


We want all our players to enjoy their time at Quasar Gaming. In order to help players bet and play in safety we have introduced a range of services and limits that help keep players safe.

When playing games of luck and chance the outcome is never certain. There is no set rule to follow, even if you have won ten times in a row, you still cannot determine the outcome of the next game. There is still a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. That’s just the name of the game.

In order to enjoy the game in a safer way, you can set limits that will help you to keep your experience enjoyable. To set yourself a limit you must be logged in to your account. We highly recommend you to make use of these limits to enjoy the best possible experience at Quasar Gaming.

1 Setting limits

As part of our responsible gaming policy, we have a number of limits that players can set in order to stop a hobby from becoming an addiction. Setting these limits can help to control the amount of money that is being deposited and/or lost. There are three time periods for these limits: daily, weekly and monthly.

We recommend you set one or a combination of these limits to keep your gameplay safe. To set a limit go to the ‘Cashier’ tab and choose the Budgets section, then choose the limit you wish to set along with the preferred time frame. You also need to insert the monetary amount in the space provided. You will be alerted once the limit maximum has been reached.

Once a limit has been set, you can choose to amend the set amount. Decreasing the limit will take effect immediately. Increasing the limit will only take effect after 168hours (or 7 days). During the ‘cool off’ period you can think your decision through to decide if this is the correct move for you. This ‘’reality-check’’ is a necessity that will help you refrain from making the wrong choice in the heat of the moment.

1.1 Daily Limits

Daily limits are set for a 24 hour period. When a daily limit is set it will also take into consideration the previous 24 hour period.

So if for example, you have set a daily limit of €50 and have already deposited €50 during the previous 24 hours, then you will not be permitted to deposit again for 24 hours from the time of the last deposit.

If you have set a daily limit of €50 and have made deposits of up to €35 in the previous 24 hour period, then you are only permitted to deposit an additional €15 in the next 24 hours since your last deposit

1.2 Weekly Limits

Weekly limits are set for a 168 hour (7 day) period. When a weekly limit is set it will also take into consideration the previous 168 hour period.

So if for example, you have set a weekly limit of €100 and have already deposited €100 in the previous 168 hour period then you will not be permitted to deposit again for 168 hours from the last deposit.

If you have set a weekly limit of €100 and have made deposits of up to €80 in the previous 168 hours then you will only be permitted to deposit an additional €20 for the next period of 168 hours from the time of your last deposit.

Please note:

If you have already set a daily limit prior to setting a weekly limit, which is less than the daily limit, the daily limit will be deleted and only the weekly limit will remain. In the case that your weekly limit is higher than your daily limit, your deposits will not be able to exceed the weekly limit.

For example, if your weekly limit is set at €50 and your daily limit is set at €10, then you will be able to deposit up to €10 for 5 days. Once you have reached your weekly limit you will not be able to deposit again for the next 168 hour period.

1.3 Monthly Limits

Monthly limits are set for a 720 hour (30 days) period. When a monthly limit is set it will also take into consideration the previous 720 hour period.

So if for example, you have set a monthly limit of €100 and have already deposited €100 in the previous 720 hour period then you will not be permitted to deposit again for 720 hours from the last deposit.

If you have set a monthly limit of €100 and you have made a deposit of €70 within the previous 720 hour period, then you will only be permitted to deposit an additional €30 for the next 720 hour period.

Please note:

If you have already set daily/weekly limits which accumulate to a greater amount than your set monthly limit, then your daily/weekly limits will be cancelled and only the monthly limit will remain active. In the case that your monthly limit is higher than your daily/weekly limits, you will not be able to deposit more than the maximum monthly limit.

For example, should your monthly limit be set at €100, your weekly limit set to €25 and your daily limit set at €5 then you will only be permitted to deposit up to €5 per day for five days per week. Once you have reached your monthly limit you will not be able to deposit again until the next 720 hours have passed.

For further details and examples of how the limits work or help with setting up the ideal limit for you, kindly contact customer support at: [email protected].

2 Track your activity

You can track all your activities through the ‘Cashier’ section. There you will find the ‘history’ tab which gives a complete overview of all deposits made, all bonuses received, all withdrawals and all the games you have played. With this tool you can make sure you continue you play responsibly.

3 Customer Support available

We offer a highly trained team of customer support agents who are available to help and are highly aware of the risks that come with compulsive gambling. If you have worries about yourself or someone close to you, then you can chat with them to receive expert advice on how to deal with the issue. They can explain the limits that are available at Quasar Gaming to help keep gambling under control. They can also recommend specialist organisations that can offer professional help.

Contact our customer support agents via email at: [email protected].

4 Self-exclusion

If you are worried that your gambling is becoming a habit, you should consider closing your Quasar Gaming account permanently and excluding yourself from all other gambling environments both online and offline. Should you decide it is time to stop playing for good, there are two options you can use to close and block your account.

You can self-exclude yourself at any time by clicking the self-exclusion tab which is situated under the cashier section. You are given three options – close my account for the next 7 days, close my account for the next 6 months or close my account indefinitely. If you suspect you have a serious gambling problem then we suggest you close your account for good.

The second option is to contact our customer support team via email at: [email protected] and request that they close your account indefinitely. We have strict security measures in place to ensure that once you have made a request to close your account you will not be able to re-open it nor will you be able open a new account with Quasar Gaming in the future.

Whilst Quasar Gaming offers a range of tools to help in the prevention of addiction and provides support to help you bet responsibly, please note that we take no responsibility and are excluded from any and all forms of liability in cases that the player has violated our terms and conditions in any way such as opening or attempting to open duplicate accounts with Quasar Gaming and/or by providing incorrect or deceptive data and/or personal details.

In the event that you do manage to open a new account by using incorrect data or via any other method that violates our terms and conditions policy, then all liability for any losses incurred by yourself or the company as a result of the violation will fall in full on you (the player) and NOT in any way on Quasar Gaming. If we do become aware of any fraudulent behaviour and/or creation of accounts using false data or the likes, we reserve the right to close that account and any other accounts on the same ip-address and/or using the same information immediately.

Upon closure of your account, you will need to send a withdrawal request to withdraw all outstanding funds on your account but you will no longer be allowed to place any monetary bets. Playing for fun is still allowed at our casino even though you no longer have an active account with us but you will not be at the risk of losing any money.

Once self-exclusion has been requested, we will do our best to refrain from sending you any more marketing or promotional materials, and will definitely cease to send any marketing materials 48 hours after account closure.

To opt to self-exclude for a shorter period of time, in order to ‘cool off’ you can choose the 7 day or 6 month option via the self-exclusions tab or by contacting customer support.


If you feel that you or someone close to you needs professional help with a gambling habit or addiction, there are number of professional and helpful services available that can help combat the problem. Please note that Quasar Gaming is in no way affiliated with the below services:

You can find live help agents, as well as an online forum filled with helpful information.

You can find live agents to chat to, online forums, support groups and regular support emails.

You can find a self-assessment test here to determine the extent of your gambling habit. There is also a live chat and helpful online forum.

Helpline: 0845 6000 133

Gamble Aware:

Gamble Aware is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. It was set up by the UK Gambling Commission in conjunction with other organisations such as the National Consumer Council and the Department of Health.

Gamblers Anonymous:

There are 20 questions on the Gamblers Anonymous site that you can use to determine whether or not you might have taken your gambling too far. You can undertake a simple self-assessment test at the following link: The site also has live chat rooms and an online forum.

Harvard Medical School:

Harvard Medical School runs a website which has links to further sources of help and advice and another questionnaire to assess your own risk.

You may also find the following websites and contact information helpful:


Problem Gambling Helpline: Stödlinjen (National Support Line): 00 46 20 819 100
[email protected]

Gambling Hotline: Peluuri
Kaisaniemenkatu 2 b
00100 Helsinki
00 358 (0) 800 100 101
[email protected]


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