1. When opening an Account on the Internet Site the Player provides certain personal data to Quasar and acknowledges that such data shall be processed by Quasar.
  2. In processing personal data of Players, Quasar adheres to the Data Protection Act (Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta) and other relevant regulations, legal notices and/or similar rules applicable in Malta and in the European Union, taking into account the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) and the E-Privacy Directive (Directive 2009/136/EC). In line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, Quasar has notified the Commissioner for Data Protection of the processing of Players’ personal data.
  3. By accepting this Privacy Policy, the Player acknowledges that his personal data shall be processed by Quasar for the following purposes:
    • the administration, including financial administration, and maintenance of the Player’s Account;
    • the provision of the Games and the Services to the Player;
    • the performance of the Terms and Conditions;
    • the implementation and carrying out of anti-money laundering procedures and processes;
    • complying with laws and regulations applicable to Quasar and/or its affiliated parties;
    • the improvement of our products and services;
    • the provision of customer services;
    • conducting research.
  4. By consenting to receive promotional and marketing material, you agree to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes (including remarketing) and the dissemination of promotional material relating to Quasar, its affiliated parties or third parties, including but not limited to offers, bonus schemes, software updates, new games and other information which Quasar and/or its affiliated parties may deem to be of interest to You.
  5. From time to time Quasar may need to engage third parties for the processing of your personal data on behalf of Quasar for the purposes specified in clause 3 of this Privacy Policy. You acknowledge that your data may be shared with Quasar’s strategic partners, employees, associates, group companies, sub-contractors, service providers, affiliates or other third parties acting on behalf of Quasar, which may be located outside the EU (hereinafter “affiliated parties”). In furtherance to this clause 5, you are hereby opting-in and agreeing to the transfer of your personal data to the here-above mentioned.
  6. Quasar may also transfer your personal data to affiliated parties for the use and processing thereof by said affiliated parties in the capacity of a data controller for the purposes specified in clause 3 of this Privacy Policy. By accepting this Privacy Policy, You attest that you have no objection to the transfer of your personal data held by Quasar.
  7. In the scenarios contemplated in clauses 5 and 6 of this Privacy Policy, Quasar undertakes to bind said affiliated parties to process and use the personal data in line with the principles of data protection enshrined in the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC). In any case, all Quasar employees are required to comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy provides that employees are obliged to keep Player information strictly confidential. This obligation continues once an employee has left Quasar.
  8. Quasar has the obligation to forward information to relevant authorities which deal with fraudulent behavior e.g. possible criminal transactions and/or activities. If Quasar has the slightest suspicion of transactions and/or activities being criminal, it shall report this information to the relevant authorities such as the police or other companies specialized in the investigation of fraudulent transactions and/or behavior. By accepting Quasar’s Privacy Policy, Players understand that verification of their data and other transaction information shall be carried out through third party databases.
  9. Quasar may also be required to share Players’ personal data with the Regulatory Authority and/or other public authorities to comply with its regulatory or other obligations in terms of law, and for these purposes the Player understands that his/her personal data may be transferred to such authorities, being established locally or under foreign jurisdiction, provided that these authorities are legally empowered to request such information.
  10. In line with the principles of data protection, Quasar undertakes to retain personal data of Players only for as long as is necessary. Notwithstanding this the Player acknowledges and agrees that his personal data may be retained and used by Quasar even after the deletion or closure of his Account, if this is required for administration purposes and/or for complying with legal obligation of safekeeping.
  11. Quasar is entitled to save and process connection data, in particular source and destination IPs and all other log files, for the protection of its own server and the servers of third parties. Quasar is further entitled to process the data of anonymous statistics.
  12. Quasar will use “cookies” (small files that are saved by the browser to the Player’s hard drive when the Internet Site is visited) to be able to adapt the Internet Site to the requirements and interests of Players, and to allow the recognition of a Player upon their next visit to the Internet Site. Cookies do not contain personal data. The Player agrees to the use of cookies by Quasar. The Player may choose to limit the storing of “cookies” on his device, though such limitation may have a bearing on the functionality of the website.
  13. Quasar will use all reasonable means to protect the Player data stored on its server. Notwithstanding this, Quasar is not liable should a third party unlawfully seize and process such data. All claims for damages by a Player or a third party against Quasar in connection with such event are explicitly excluded.
  14. Players have the right to access their personal data held by Quasar in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Furthermore, Players are at any time entitled to change, amend or delete their respective personal data. Quasar shall ensure that such personal data is, upon request and when not required for Internet Site-related administration or pending legal proceedings or administrative procedures, deleted. Players are however advised that with the deletion of the personal data required for Account registration, the Account relating thereto will automatically be deleted.
  15. The Player warrants that all information contained in the Application Form submitted to Quasar is true, accurate, and complete, and corresponds to the name(s) appearing on the credit cards used for the deposits and payments of gains. Quasar reserves the right to cancel your Account in the event that the information provided to Quasar is found to be false, inaccurate, deceitful or incomplete. It is the Player’s responsibility to inform us immediately of any changes to the Player’s personal data.
  16. If Quasar becomes aware that a person has provided false information in this respect, Quasar shall not register an Account for such person and where an Account has already been registered, Quasar shall immediately cancel that person’s registration as a Player with Quasar. The Player also agrees to update this information should there be any changes to the personal data provided.

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