How to play Win Wizard

Game Description:

Win Wizard by Quasar Gaming is just as magical as the name suggests, with great visuals, animations and gameplay combining into a truly amazing experience that is sure to keep players coming back for more. Whether you want to conjure up some prizes on the reels using the fruits and themed symbols, or are more of a fan of bonus gaming action, this is perhaps one of the lesser known games in the overall range yet still manages to pack in plenty of excitement and is available online now. Here, we’ve got everything that you need to know about enjoying the game in all of its glory, from how to set up the reels so that they award the kind of prizes you’re looking for, to how exactly to enjoy the additional action.

Game Start:

Quasar Gaming always likes to keep things simple when it comes to the betting options on their slots and Win Wizard certainly doesn’t require a highly experienced player in order to get the most out of it. The lines themselves are truly dynamic and you can increase them up to twenty, or settle for just one. Each line comes into play when you decide on a coin bet for each one, and that can be anything up to a hundred coins in total. The more you bet, the more you stand to win, with a top prize when playing for the maximum bet of 200,000 coins. That jackpot isn’t all that easy to win, as you’ll need to land a crystal ball on absolutely every symbol area, but when you do, you’re in for one of the biggest cash prizes in all of the Quasar Gaming range.Even when the jackpot isn’t forthcoming, there are plenty of cash prizes to be won thanks to a dazzling array of different symbols.

Players are also helped along the way by the frog wild card, which can helpfully fill in for any other symbol ‘ this frog won’t turn into a prince, but when you need an extra cherry or jack to complete a winning combination, there is no better choice!When you’ve decided on the win lines and credit bets that you want to use, it is of course time to start spinning the reels. You have the option of both auto play, which will keep the reels spinning and the prizes stacking up indefinitely, or you can instead opt for a more manual approach using the start button.You can check out what all of the various symbol combinations are worth at any time by accessing the pay table through the dedicated button at the bottom of the screen. It is always helpful to make sure that your bets stand to pay out the amount you’re looking for and should be used as part of any player’s strategy.

Win Wizard Feature:

While there is no particular bonus round to speak of on Win Wizard, which isn’t a huge problem as the base game is magical enough in its own right, you can always opt to gamble whenever a winning spin appears on the reels. There, you are required to stake your entire prize in an effort to double it. Choosing the gamble button when it lights up will split the screen in two, with the left hand side displaying nothing and the right hand side offering up double your initial prize. Simply attempt to stop the border on the winning area and that prize amount is yours, at which point you can play all over again or collect the doubled prize and return to the main game.

Return – to – player: 94%.