How to play Two Sevens

Game Description:

The ultimate jackpot slot is here: two sevens are swimming in a sea of fruit, waiting for the right moment to align on one of the 5 win lines and make you rich! Yes, that’s exactly what these lucky numbers want, and you, in turn, don’t want to miss out on such a chance. Moreover, the generosity of sevens is not the only thing to be on the lookout for – more often than not the numerous fruits guarantee fairly decent payouts, and there is absolutely no way a winning combination is going to worth less than your stake. Enjoy the fruits, anticipate the arrival of sevens and have fun!

Game Start:

To get started, set up your bet per line using the two “+” and “-” buttons situated below the reels. The amount you’ve entered will be automatically multiplied by 5 as this slot only has 5 bet lines and they are always active by default. Your total bet per round will be displayed in the small window to the right from the buttons. The more you bet, the more you can win, and this is vividly reflected in the paytable where you can see the values of all winning combinations depending on the current bet. Once everything is decided, hit the Start button and let those reels roll or press Autoplay and let ‘em roll forever.


All you have to do to give your bankroll a boost is land at least 3 identical symbols on a bet line in a row. There are no dodgy combinations worth less than the bet: even the cheapest winning pattern – 2 cherries in a row – will return your stake. 3 cherries, in turn, will bring you already as much as 4 times your stake and so on until you land a combination of 5 watermelons or grapes worth an astonishing sum amounting to 100 times the stake.


The sevens are not only the most expensive symbols in the game, but also the ones responsible for the payout of jackpots. The game features two jackpots, a minor and a major one, triggered by red and golden sevens respectively. Both jackpots are proportional to your current bet and paid out when you land 5 red or golden sevens on a bet line in a row.

The gamble feature is of course here as well, allowing you to multiply your winnings in exchange for a fair portion of risk. Each time you hit a win, you can push the gamble button and then push it again to see whether you get double the prize or nothing at all. This is a fair game of chance, the odds being exactly 50:50.

Return – to – player: 94%.