How to play Savanna’s Life

Game Description:

Savanna’s Life falls under a category of games that is often referred to as a land-based slot. That is because the theme of this casino game is inspired by the beasts and beautiful landscapes of Africa. If you are in the mood for something different, take a break from the shiny fruits and flashing stars of other slots and get ready for an adventure that requires only the push of a button. As you prowl through the reels, you’ll be hunting along 20 paylines for powerful African symbols, intimidating animals and small flying birds. Just remember that the exquisitely rendered lions, zebras and elephants are not real and won’t threaten to stampede.

Game Start:

Savanna’s Life offers 20 paylines, providing a bit of a challenge for seasoned players, but it is still easy enough to be mastered by a beginner in minutes. You can also select 5, 10 or 15 paylines until you get more comfortable with the game. If you decide to play more paylines, your total wager will increase with each separate line. Ultimately, it is up to you how much you are willing to risk and how quickly your luck plays out. For those who have little knowledge of video slots, a single payline is sometimes the best option, but a player who has tackled this land before should be ready to take on the full 20 lines.


The paytable is just as stunning as the main screen, with several tan boxes scattered over a background of golden savanna grass. Each box features a symbol and lists the rewards for winning combinations underneath. At least three images are needed to collect your gems, but ideally five will fetch a higher reward. As the king of the jungle, it is only fitting that the lion reigns over the reels as a wild card too. The numbers and letters, which correspond with card symbols, are worth 10 to 500 gems, and the lifelike images of local natives and animals range from 40 to 2,000. At any point, you can adjust the paylines, but no matter what you do, you will still be bombarded by beasts so you might as well get paid for it.

Savanna’s Life Feature:

When you play Savanna’s Life, the idea of a four credit maximum may seem absurd, but this humble wager is guaranteed to turn into a tantalizing payout. To make money quickly, take advantage of the special features that were designed to enhance your overall game play. One of these features is the lion substitute, which is also associated with the highest payout of 10,000 gems. The next feature you should familiarize yourself with is the scatter symbol. When you see this stunning sunset image, get ready for bonuses. All you need is two scatter icons to collect free spins, but you can receive a total of 12 if you have more. Once you reach the free spin feature, your multipliers will coincide with the slender African birds often seen flitting around the acacia trees. Together, these basic extras bring in jackpots that will make you glad you braved stepping into Savanna’s Life.

Return to player: 96.09%.