How to play Mystery Roulette

Game Description:

Roulette is one of the most established, popular and glamorous casino games of all time and while many players are happy to enjoy the tried and tested version of the game to this day, some game developers have taken it upon themselves to bend the rules a little, adding new options for players that enjoy the concept but want something a little different to keep them entertained. Entertainment is certainly the order of the day on Mystery Roulette x38 and while it will be familiar at first glance given the use of roulette tradition, there are several aspects of the game that make it stand out in the crowd. It is definitely one game that should not be tackled blindly, so read on to see what makes this game different to standard roulette.

Game Start:

Put simply, the aim of the game, like in all roulette variations, is to guess where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. However, there is much more to it than just this and the skill of the game comes from placing your bets intelligently in order to give yourself the very best chance of winning.Indeed, bet placement is not only the most important thing that you’ll do, but also the first thing and you’re presented with a number of chips to place on a fairly standard board. The only limit to what you can bet on each spin of the wheel is your credit balance, which is displayed on the gaming area at all times. You certainly don’t have to place the same bet on every combination either, as different chips can be placed in different places. A couple of helpful options when deciding on your bets are the delete chip and delete all chips options, which will remove the last placed chip and all chips respectively when selected.

As a single player game, there is no pressure on placing your bets and you can take as long as you need to come up with the correct combination. When you’re happy with the placement, you can then spin the wheel at either normal speed or in fast motion to get straight to the good part. When the ball lands, the winning parts of the betting area flash and any bets that have won are paid out at the displayed rate, adding them into your credit balance.So why is it called Mystery Roulette x38? Well, the x38 part is simple enough as there are only 38 spaces on the wheel. The mystery aspect comes from a special field on the betting board featuring one and two question marks. If the ball lands on either area with a bet active, then you can spin the special mystery wheel. It can be worth up to a hundred times your stake for a single question mark and up to a massive five hundred times on the double mystery version. This is the key element that sets the game apart and we’d definitely suggest placing a few chips there as you never know when it may land!

Return – to – player: 97.44%.