How to play Inca Gold II

Game Description:

If you love Incan history as much as you love playing slots machines, you’ll certainly be spending hours spinning the reels on Inca Gold II. Spin your way to big winnings as you take in this slots game’s graphics, all centered around key parts of Incan history. From llamas and eagles to kings, queens and religious statues, Inca Gold II has gone all out to bring the Incans to life in this game.

Game Start:

When you start playing Inca Gold II, you must decide whether you are playing for fun or using real money. When playing for fun, the game provides you with 50,000 credits to start. Begin by placing your bet. If you want to play conservatively, place a minimum bet of one credit per line for a total of 20 credits. If you prefer to play more loosely, you can bet a maximum of 400 credits per spin.


Winnings per spin depend on how much you initially bet and which symbols you spin. Llamas, tomatoes and panpipes are the most common winning symbols. Depending on your initial bet, spinning at least three of these pays between 5 credits and 200 credits. The next most common symbols are the statue, eagle and man. These symbols pay between 10 and 5,000 credits. The king and queen earn up to 10,000 credits. The rarest basic symbol is the gold statue. While most symbols require you to spin at least three of them, the gold statue pays out if you spin at least two of them. Winnings are between 20 and 20,000 credits. Inca Gold II also features wild symbols and scatter symbols. Wild symbols can replace anything except for scatters. Scatter symbols pay between 40 and 100,000 credits. If you spin at least three of them in a spin, you receive 15 free spins and a x3 multiplier. You can win additional free spins during your initial ones. The reels pay out when winning symbols are spun left to right. You win the highest winning spin per line, although winnings on multiple lines accumulate.

Inca Gold II Feature:

Inca Gold II features two mini-games between spins. If you win on a spin, you can choose to gamble your winnings. Choose whether the next face-down card is red or black. If you’re correct, your winnings double. If you’re incorrect, you lose everything. You can gamble up to five times per spin. The previous five cards are always available for you to see, which helps you make an educated guess about which color will appear next. A jackpot game randomly appears between spins as well. This game begins with one face-up card and 12 face-down cards. Turn over three of the face-down cards in an attempt to match the suit on the face-up one. Each card also features a symbol in the top right corner. If you can match all three cards to the face-up suit, you win the accumulated earnings based on the symbols in the top right corner. If you cannot match all three, you do not earn any extra credits.

Return – to – player: 96.19%.